Glynde and Spring Barn Farm

21 May

The run

Having passed the sign for Glynde many times I decided to make it my mission to find a run in the area. After a quick search on the internet I found a couple of 6-ish mile routes from Lewes to Glynde and back and also one which began and ended in Glynde. Find the route here. I decided on the latter partly because I am a right skinflint and don’t want to pay to park in Lewes and partly to drive somewhere different.

Glynde seemed quite busy for a small village, with cars whizzing through and several walkers and cyclists. I parked in the Main Street and began following the instructions for the walk. It all started off well enough, I enjoy following these step-by-step instructions, until point 3 when we were supposed to go through a gate to the top of Mount Caburn and then retrace our steps back to point 3 – why would I want to do that? It didn’t make sense no matter how many times I read it, retrace my steps?

The offending instruction

The offending instruction

I ended up circling  a nettly field to no avail before spotting a runner ahead and realised that was the way to go. The ‘retracing’ steps still didn’t make sense though, you basically headed to the summit of Mount Caburn and then hopped over a stile and ran down to the valley floor.

Mount Caburn

Mount Caburn

So, the ran began with a gentle uphill and then a sloping downhill to a dew pond that was surrounded by COWS!!! If you have read my blog before you will know that I am not a fan of the ruminators. I checked the instructions several times to ensure it was absolutely necessary to cross the field and looked up to see a couple of walkers crossing the field in the opposite direction. ‘Safety in numbers’ I thought and set off to meet them. Checked directions with them and admitted to my fear of cows before heading away towards Lewes Golf Club at the top of the hill.


Uphill out of Glynde

Cows - from a safe distance!

Cows – from a safe distance!

Instructions were to go through the golf course but I felt very out of place among the smart lady golfers: they looked like the equivalent of yummy mummies only with golf caddies instead of buggies. Breathtaking views of Lewes on one side and the South Downs National Park on the other made it all worthwhile though.



South Downs National Park

South Downs National Park

Ran down the access road out of the golf course and, as per the instructions turned sharply right up some steps where I bumped into a couple of fairies making a movie – much to my surprise! Continued back up onto the golf course again which I had to try and cross but all the signs warning of flying balls were panicking me even though there wasn’t a golfer in sight! I could just imagine myself lying with a concussion on the 9th hole waking up and not knowing who I was (aka Goldie Hawn in Overboard!)

Memorial at Lewes Golf Course

Memorial at Lewes Golf Course

Skirted round the edge and eventually found a stile to get out and….uurgh…another field of cows! ‘Bold and confident’ I repeated to myself as I strode across the field – why does one always sit right in front of the gate you are trying to go through?

More confusion with directions here – instructions to continue to the Dew Pond threw me until I realised there were two Dew Ponds on the map. Saw another walker up ahead so decided to follow her. I hope I didn’t freak her out too much as I ran closer. Good instructions until I reached the second Dew Pond and was supposed to be skirting a quarry which I never found. Views of Glyndebourne: check. It would be nice to go there one day.  The instructions from there did not make sense so perhaps I went wrong somewhere? Whilst perusing my instructions I managed to stumble into a nettle patch and my calves and ankles are smarting still! Dropped down onto the road by Glyndebourne and decided to finish the run on the road – about 1.5 miles. Not particularly pleasant due to the narrow road and traffic but as the phone was nearly out of juice I couldn’t risk getting lost in the countryside.


The lunch

I decided to move on as Glynde didn’t look too promising for lunch and produce. There is a post office, general stores and tea rooms and an interesting looking blacksmith’s forge but all seemed very sleepy after the morning rush so I made my way to the wonderful Spring Barn Farm where I knew I would get a good lunch. The food is excellent, albeit a little dark in the cafe and frequented by toddlers. I chose the feta salad with couscous and humous and a pot of the delicious Suki tea: Earl Grey Blue Flower and sat and wrote my blog and thanked my lucky stars I no longer have toddlers.

Earl Grey Blue Flowers Suki Tea

Earl Grey Blue Flowers Suki Tea


Chilli feta, humous and couscous salad

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