Southease and Spring Barn Farm (again!)

18 Jun

The run

Parking at Southease station (over a rickety bridge in the middle of nowhere) I followed the second route from a series that I found here. Good clear instructions – no ambiguity or getting lost today!


River Ouse

River Ouse

It began with an easy flat alongside the River Ouse, popular with dog walkers (I made a few new friends including a greyhound and a terrier!), before turning off towards the village of Rodmell, where I was greeted by the sound of a woodpecker hammering away against a tree! Here you can find Monk’s House, home of Virginia and Leonard Woolfe. Looks like it would be worth a visit one day.

Monk's House

Monk’s House

Rodmell is a very pretty little village with roses-round-the-door and thatched cottages. Here I met a pretty tortoiseshell cat.

Rodmell Village

Rodmell Village

Passing through the village and into farmland (thankfully no cows) and across a field of peas, where I met another small dog, comically jumping up from the peas as it tried to orientate itself – if I was a more skilful photographer I would have taken a picture.

Field of Peas

Field of Peas

A small amount of road running followed before turning up through Northease Farm (where they make Breaky Bottom wine), and on up to the Downs.

Breaky Bottom

Breaky Bottom

Farm track all the way and not too steep, with all the cows safely where they should be – on the other side of the fence!

My nemesis

My nemesis

Turning left along the top of the downs I met some German walkers enjoying the countryside.

South Downs

I ran along the top for a few minutes before pelting down the other side to a farm and following the road back to Southease.

Downward pelt!

Downward pelt!


Southease Church

Southease Church

The farm/The lunch

I hadn’t researched a new farm shop and the one I passed on the way was closed today, so I headed back in the hope of finding a hidden gem with a fallback of Spring Barn Farm which is where I find myself now. It really is very good here, with spacious toilets for the runner to get changed, a fully-stocked farm shop, good-looking staff and a cafe serving delicious home made food and Suki tea. What’s not to like?

Goats cheese salad and red berry tea

Goats cheese salad and red berry tea

The cafe conversation: Swanage, starting school, dog poo, the sponsored walk, ‘meaningful children’s books’ (Alice in Wonderland, The Bible)

Spring Barn Farm

Today’s Spring Barn Farm haul



3 Responses to “Southease and Spring Barn Farm (again!)”

  1. morden20 June 21, 2014 at 7:28 am #

    The lunch. Looks yummy!


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