Ringmer and The Plough at Plumpton Green

22 Sep

The run

My friend, Joey (also a keen runner) had said she had seen some good running routes on the internet, which were near Ringmer. So rather than going further and further afield I decided to explore this possibility today. I used the Walk Jog Run app to find suitable loops and settled on a 5.5 mile one. Parked up in a suburban close and went to get my running shoes out of the boot…only… somewhere between brushing my daughter’s hair and struggling out of the house I had left them behind. Decided to fast walk the route instead in my unsuitable shoes. It was all on the road anyway so not too bad. Although sunny there was a definite nip in the air. The first part was through the village of Ringmer – nice, largish houses and I was almost immediately overtaken by an old gent in an invalid carriage shouting good morning and passing comment on the weather over his shoulder.


Conservation Corner, Ringmer

Conservation Corner, Ringmer

Conservation Corner, Ringmer

The second part of the route was on a main road which had a shop selling basket chairs and rustic household items, a few yards further on was the Green Man pub.

The Green Man Pub, Ringmer

The Green Man Pub, Ringmer

This wind turbine became a good landmark to navigate with.

Wind turbine, Ringmer

Wind turbine, Ringmer

IMG_5551 IMG_5552









Starting to feel like autumn with the first blackberries appearing in the hedgerows, conkers on the ground and hay bales in the fields. Lovely and warm by mid-morning though. Navigating was fairly straightforward as I was following roads and using the Walk Jog Run app.

Glyndebourne House

Glyndebourne House

I was surprised to pass by Glyndebourne House and Opera on my way round the route. This has featured on an earlier run here.

Wind turbine Ringmer

Wind turbine Ringmer

I was glad to get back to the car after the walk as I was beginning to feel light-headed and hungry – luckily I had packed a peanut butter, banana muffin – the recipe is here.

Peanut butter and banana muffin

Life saver!


The farm

I decided to revisit a farm shop I haven’t been to for a while – many farm shops are closed on Mondays so this aspect is becoming more challenging. I headed back to Townings Farm Shop at Chailey as it is almost a year since I have visited and they seemed keen to expand their business so I thought I’d see what they had been up to. It is a little off the beaten track – a single track road in fact, but once there they have animals to see nearby (chickens, rare breed sheep) and I noticed new signs to the pigs and vintage farm machinery. Inside was still and excellent selection of produce including their own sausages (sausage and bacon, lamb, Old Sussex and Black Pig Apple – for pigs raised in the apple orchard and with added apple juice for sweetness). They have added a small cafe which they spoke of last time, just a couple of tables and serving filter coffee and loose leaf tea but they hope to develop it further over time. I would have stayed for lunch if they had had more on offer.

The lunch

I considered going back to The Green Man at Ringmer but thought I would keep my eyes open on the way back and see what came up. As it happened I passed The Plough at Plumpton Green which had a lovely garden and tables in the sunshine so I stopped there and entered the deserted bar. After an urgent comfort break I ordered some food from the friendly bar maid and sat outside where I was greeted by an equally friendly black labrador called Zena who lay at my feet and looked at my adoringly. Shortly afterwards another dog, called Bob arrived with his owners – he wanted me to play with his lead but I declined. The food was also-ran (bit too much sauce on the fish) – the salad was really nice though and if you have dogs or children I expect you will get a relaxing lunch here.

Cod in Mediterranean sauce

Cod in Mediterranean sauce


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