Hailsham and The Cuckoo Trail

7 Oct

The run

Another request this week! This time from mother dearest, suggesting I go to Hailsham as my cousin runs a pub there with her husband. I looked at a map, and yes, it was near where I travel, and The Cuckoo Trail is very close by! I contacted her and asked if I could park in the pub car park and stop by for coffee before my run, this was arranged and off I went! After a nice little catch up with my cousin and some advice on directions I crossed a supermarket car park and I was on the Cuckoo Trail.

The Cuckoo Trail

It is lovely and flat and straight (no getting lost today!) and perfect for cycling, dog walking and pushing prams, it runs from Heathfield to Hampden Park and I decided to head north, towards Horam (though my cousin’s husband said the southbound section was prettier).

Map of the Cuckoo Trail

One of the notable things about the trail are the numbers of carved benches and art en route:

There is also a wildlife trail for children with small carvings at child-height with interesting facts about the birds and animals that live in the area. Each one is carved by a different artist:

The weather has suddenly changed from still feeling quite summery to a chilly wind and a threat of rain, so it was on with the long running tights and long-sleeved top, plus hat, gloves and waterproof jacket. As I ran the rain came down heavier and heavier, but the trees and frequent bridges provided shelter.

IMG_5665 IMG_5647

I ran three miles towards Horam and then three miles back, fairly uneventful as runs go, apart from wishing I had eaten the banana I had left in the car and the impact of the run on hard ground making my tooth hurt after recent dental work! So here’s a few gratuitous photos and a bit of history about the trail:

IMG_5652 IMG_5667 IMG_5644 IMG_5641 IMG_5663

The farm

No farm today as I didn’t have time after stopping to natter with my cousin and driving 35-40 mins from the college.

The lunch

Lunch stops are going to be a bit different over the next few weeks as I am doing a challenge through my gym The Metabolic Solution – a 10-week transformation challenge in which you commit to eating clean and exercising regularly. Well I am on top of the exercise but nutrition wise things have slipped back to the half-a-bottle of wine a night and Kettle Crisps stage. But all that is about to stop (for 10-weeks at least) and am following a diet plan of six small meals a day. So today’s lunch was a wholemeal pitta stuffed with chicken, humous and salad eaten in the car in a rainy Tescos car park!

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