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Blackcap and Boathouse Organics (not)

20 Nov

The run

So nice to be back in the car with a hot flask of coffee listening to the rain drumming on the roof rather than being out running in it.

Foul weather

A better day for being in the car rather than out of it

A foul day for running: stinging rain, but as with most things, once you’re out in the boat rowing, it’s not nearly as bad.

Found this route on Walk Jog Run, a simple out and back, good for a day like this when you can turn back when you’ve had enough.

Blackcap run

I parked up by Nevill Rec, Lewes (watch out – the crescent is one way – I almost drove into a bus!) and ran a short way up the road before turning up by Landport Bottom and running up past the allotments.

Lewes allotments

Was heartened to see several riders and horses so didn’t feel quite the dang fool I suspected myself of being, running in weather like this. From there you are pretty much up on the downs and a pleasant bridleway takes you up past Suzy Smith riding stables and then into sheep and cattle-grazing land. They seemed unconcerned by the weather so why should I be?

Suzy Smith riding stables

Bit alarming!

The next section was uphill to Blackcap, where there was a trig point and a plaque commemorating replanting when the Queen came to the throne.

IMG_3370 IMG_3374

By this time I decided I’d had enough – 4k out, so would make a tidy 8k run. Hurtled back down the hill through the now quite heavy rain, no time for lingering over photographs and chatting to passers by today – the main objective was to get back to the car and that hot flask of coffee as quickly as possible!

IMG_3368 IMG_3360


The farm

The farm shop turned out to be a big disappointment, I had researched and planned to go to Boathouse Organics, however the sat nav took my to the Cock Inn, where I asked directions and checked out the menu for lunch. Boathouse Organics turned out to be just up the road but it was closed and looked like it was for sale. Recommended by Rick Stein indeed! I drove up the road and investigated Isfield where there is the Lavender Line, but not much else. No farm shops to be found around here, so back to the Cock Inn for lunch.

IMG_3380 IMG_3379

The lunch

The Cock Inn is a nice cosy pub with a dark, low ceilinged bar, with a real fire. An extensive menu covers the wall to the left of the bar, featuring starters, steaks, fish, mains, vegetarian and sweets, plus a specials board. I chose to sit in the bar as the restaurant area was of a contrasting nature, all light wood and not nearly so cosy. Plus I was loving the smell of the real fire. Very friendly staff and quick service – I ordered smoked haddock, cheese and leek quiche which came with new potatoes or chips and salad. Fairly ordinary pub food – nothing wrong with it at all but perhaps a tad unimaginative, however, the nice atmosphere made up for it. The place quickly filled up with many tables already booked, average age about 65. Bit strange for a pub down a dead end road but perhaps it has a good reputation? Seemed like a lively crowd at any rate.

pub fayre