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Waldron and Middle Farm Shop

17 Oct

The run

A very unpromising start to the day – heavy downpours interspersed with sunny spells – but you know what they say: ‘If it ain’t raining, it ain’t training’, so I dropped my daughter at college and headed off to Waldron on the second attempt to do the walk from the Star Inn. A busy weekend had meant little planning time so I just grabbed the sheets I had previously copied out of the Pub Strolls book and set off.


It seemed simple enough to start with, The Star Inn being next to the church where the walk began. The first instruction was to take a stile over the back of the churchyard and cross a field. Firstly, it was very difficult to tell the front from the back of the church as they both had entrances, and secondly there was no stile, but a kissing gate.

Timmy and Roger

Timmy and Roger

Quite an interesting graveyard here, these are the graves of Timmy and Roger not sure if they are for babies or animals?


Once into the field and not at all confidant that I was following the instructions correctly I decided to abandon the walk on the paper in front of me and use my visual memory and the way markers to guide me. As long as I remember where I have been then I shall be able to get back I reasoned.

All was well, I followed the way markers over stiles and through a horses’ field. In terms of livestock I am not quite sure where I stand on horses. They are large, granted, but I perceive them to be intelligent and friendly, however I skirted the edge of the field and kept my distance from the head-tossing mare.


At this point I could see no more way markers and was surrounded by fields of horses, I made my way to what looked like a farm entrance and passed a lady practicing her show-jumping. She informed me that the path was back the way I had come and so I turned around and headed through another field, exiting onto the road in the village of Cade Street where I also spotted this memorial – or warning to traitors! The full story of Jack Cade’s rebellion is here.



By this point I was on the road and using my phone to guide me – it looked like Waldron was some miles away but that did not seem logical with the short distance I had cut across fields and woods.


Continued on, taking the old Heathfield road and was soon surprised to be running past my car! Shorter than I would have liked, however I decided to finish and eat my snack on the bench by the roadside. I could see two police women in the village and was approached by one who asked if I had seen an elderly lady on my run. The 67-year-old had not been seen since yesterday and they feared she may have got lost or taken ill. Sadly I couldn’t help them – I hope they found her?


The farm

Mondays are tricky for farm shops. I had located one, Redlands Farm Shop, however no opening hours on their website and no answer when I telephoned. When I went there it was closed, but fortunately, having plenty of time I decided to revisit one of my favourites: Middle Farm. I wanted to buy some healthy ready meals for my husband and son (as I am teaching an evening class on Mondays now) and also stock up on some organic chicken for my Challenge! I bought chicken, mackerel and some frozen ready meals (both vegetarian and meat). They seemed to go down well.

The lunch

As I am on a 10-week Challenge through my gym, I had packed my own healthy lunch and ate it in the car. Thai beef salad and wholemeal pitta bread.