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Lewes and Spring Barn Farm #2

6 Nov

The run

Money in my purse and a full tank of gas – a good start to the day! The weather was not so good though and I really did not want to get out of the car!

A wild and wet morning in Lewes

A wild and wet morning

Decided to do the Lewes run again (after the previously failed attempt: see Lewes and Spring Barn Farm) and was also curious to see how Lewes was baring up after their infamous bonfire night. So, the day after the night before, would I see any other evidence apart from a boarded up cafe with hastily painted in red; ‘booze and fireworks’ ? It seemed that much of the clearing up had already happened; just barriers being loaded onto lorries, shopkeepers un-boarding their shops and, bizarrely, an absence of the pay machine in the car park I had chosen. It looked like it had been intentionally removed – so free parking today? An excited discussion was taking place in the car park – would we all get tickets – one lady was going to leave a note on her car, another was taking photographic evidence.

Much more confident on this run than last time, having done it twice since with the husband – the first time, even he got lost – so I don’t feel quite such a failure – as he has an excellent sense if direction.

Lewes Loop

Lewes Loop

It’s quite nicely varied heading out under the A27 to fairly open, desolate farmland, passing through the pretty village of Iford, a fairly short but nasty bit of road which you don’t have much choice but to run on, before turning down to Swanborough fishing lakes – but don’t go too far – the husband and I made that mistake before and got stuck between a nettle patch and a barbed wire fence!

Lewes farmland

There is a barely visible footpath sign before you reach the water works which leads you through a fun wooded path between fields. Some evidence of storm damage today as a fallen tree was blocking the path.



I stopped for a natter with the ducks before continuing on to the best field.

Swanborough Ducks

It’s the one you want to run across singing – my husband always has The Little House on the Prairie music running through his head and envisages me in a patchwork dress running through this field!

The hills are alive…

The hills are alive…

The final leg took me back to where the Lewes bonfire clear-up was still going on in earnest, one of the effigies was still intact and I asked one of the volunteers what the story was, apparently they couldn’t get it onto the field of bonfires last night and it had been left behind. I asked what they would do with it – she said it was packed with explosives and gave a shrug.

Bonfire effigy

Bonfire effigy

Back at the car I was relieved to see we had not all been clamped, but as I drank my flask of coffee I noticed a van pull up containing the parking machines to put back – time to make a swift exit!

The farm

The intention was to go to the Tractor Barn at Swanborough (as advertised on the fishing noticeboard)

Swanborough Fishing Lake noticeboard

Beneath all the photos there is an advert for the Tractor Barn

but after missing the turning, doubling back and finding a few houses, but no sign for it, and a large unwelcoming sign saying ‘PRIVATE NO PARKING TURNING ONLY’ I gave up and headed back to the wonderful Spring Barn Farm. The shop was looking very festive with lots of Christmas decorations for sale, a hamper-building service and an excellent selection of sweets, biscuits, local ales and wines. I chose a selection of cheeses, some ham, bread and olives – a ploughman’s for tea!

Spring Barn Farm, Lewes

The lunch

Back to the dingy restaurant which was made to feel a bit more welcome with the addition of a real fire. A couple of toddlers were in with their mothers, threatening to drink the salad dressing on the table.  I took a very amusing phone call from a man offering me a free copy of Women’s Running which may lead to a subscription if I don’t remember to cancel it – he was very charming and his bosses should be pleased with his performance!

I ordered a muddled plum, apple and cinnamon cordial and a venison burger. (Delicious)

Venison burger

Venison burger

Whilst eating my lunch I was treated to a running commentary on a toddler’s seven poos whilst the other one was practising his burping. (Tip: do not sit near the toilets: you can hear everything!)

Teenagers get bad press but I reckon toddlers are worse!

The freebie

Today’s freebie was the parking – thank you Lewes council!

Parking in Lewes

The tarmac-ed area where the parking machine once stood