The premise

On Wednesdays*, I find myself in the country, dropping my daughter off at Plumpton College where she is doing day release. Thus, with a few hours on my hands I decided to explore the local area by finding running routes and visiting farm shops. This blog acts as a focus, and as a record of those Wednesdays, as much for myself as for my readers. I hope you enjoy it? Find it useful? Maybe even visit a farm shop or two?

*As of Autumn 2014 this has now changed to Mondays

Sussex Downs

The useful bit

Or ‘things I have learned’

  • Communicate: this one’s obvious. I know I have an obsession with serial killers but it is sensible to always let someone know where you are going. I find a quick text to the husband works wonders.
  • Sustenance: a Capri Sun pouch filled with water is light and easy to carry on a run. On my return to the car I usually tuck into one of my homemade ‘powerballs’ (any excuse to ram something down my throat). You can find the recipes here and here.
  • Phone/map: so you don’t get ridiculously lost (I have no sense of direction). Runkeeper or Map my Run are great apps for tracking your route as well as keeping a record of your time, pace etc.
  • Sat nav: see above.
  • A towel: I sweat. A lot. Having a quick towel down in the car just makes you feel a bit more human again.
  • Change of clothes/shoes: because who wants to sit in a tearoom in sweaty running gear?
  • Including socks! Wearing just shoes without socks is uncomfortable and inadvisable – especially in winter!
  • Book/iPad or newspaper: inflight entertainment – those tearooms can get dull after an hour or so.
  • A flask of coffee. To have in the car while I write the blog.
Water pouch and 'powerball'

A Capri Sun pouch filled with water makes a good water bottle. Peanut butter ‘powerball’ for post-run energy.

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